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Students use this to track their AR points. As they earn points, they color in the boxes. Then they can see how close they are to their goal.

This 64 page product includes motivation and incentives for implementing a successful AR program in your class. The following items are Included...

Rockin' Readers Prize Cart

The Book Bug: iRead, Do You?

Mrs. Decker in the library, one of the library reading incentive programs for my students. They earned Jedi levels of reading and the opportunity to battle Darth Vader!

Mrs. Decker in the library

AR incentive: for every 10% of their goal they earn, students get to pop a balloon. Inside the balloon is a piece of paper with a reward written on it. This totally motivates students to read and strive to reach their goals!

AR Points Recording chart and other AR resources have been removed from Laura Candler's website as of April 10th. Read why on this blog post.

Corkboard Connections: Bye Bye AR Freebies!

Great AR reward

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The page is designed for the students to keep track of each time they take an AR test. Students color in a square every time they pass an AR test.

Accelerated Reader Student Tracking Sheet

This is a 31 slide Powerpoint that explains the AR reading program to parents and students. It includes a video segment from AR.

Accelerated Reader Parent Workshop PPT

This AR Reading Log is such a great tool to use in your classroom! Just click print and you're off to an easy, student-run system!


These cute black and white printables can be used to keep track of how many AR tests have been passed by each student.

Rockstar AR Record Card

This file includes printables for you to create an AR reading sign up board for test takers.

Owl Themed AR Reading Test Sign Up Board

Motivate your students to meet their AR goals with this class display points tracker.

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