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Get those thighs thinned out fast with these 20 moves! This is the best thigh work out ever!

Some simple Yoga poses to lose your Belly fat. I'm thinking these might loosen up your back a bit as well.

Fitness Guru: Article # 537. Cardio Yoga Poses

34 Exercises to Give You the Brazilian Butt Lift =D Seriously, these exercises hit your bottom at all different angles and planes rather than just 1-2 like the traditional ones.

FREE BIKINI BODY MOMMY -- 90 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE :: currently on day 12 and getting my butt kicked in a good way. Most workouts are short and sweet which makes it possible to fit them in even with a 3 month old at home :)

Low back pain exercises.. Ready to try this out? Helps relieve pain and spasms!

I have a horrible back from an accident... Yoga strengthens, stretches, and relaxes so I can enjoy life without the pain and depression that usually comes with a back injury. Thank god for yoga!

A great way to start the day off on the right foot (and the right mental attitude). Each pose is 3 to 4 breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth). Plank (#7) is 1 minute.