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make a dry-erase book your kids will love! include coloring pages, workbook pages, blank pages, word games and mazes, etc. put them in page protectors and then put them all in a binder. dry erase crayons are key - they're washable! check out this tutorial for some great tips and great links for coloring & activity pages. |

Do this next year maybe-when handing out the cd of program songs to keep them listening to the cd and learning the songs

Singing and Sharing: I'm Trying to Be like Jesus

LDS Primary Chorister Ideas: Head, Shoulders, What, What, What?!

Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes idea, instead of pointing to the part, stay in your seat, sing slower, and move the parts of the body as they are mentioned.

Gospel ABC's, matching cards, and puzzles... More great ideas for Sunday activities!