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Dolls-Simon & Halbig

Simon & Halbig, S & H, was founded in 1839, they began making dolls from 1869 to 1920 in their two porcelain factories in Frafenhain and Hidburghausen, near Thuringia, Germany in 1920 they were bought by Kämmer & Reinhardt, who continued to produce dolls until 1932. Simon & Halbig was known for the fine bisque doll heads and innovation in the doll industry, thus, they also supplied doll heads to many other well known doll manufacturers, that then attached to their own made body.

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My second Simon & Halbig. I have such a sweet husband!

  • Gloria Hoozit

    Joan Halbig, any relationship to the mfr of these dolls? I have an 18" marked K star R, Simon & Halbig, with 58 marked on the "neck". Absolutely beautiful face, but believe mine is a repro.

  • My Western Heart

    Hello..i have this same doll..she was given to my grandma in 1907. Her outfit has been redone ...she is so dear to me

  • Joan Halbig

    @Gloria Hoozit I don't know when you posted your comment, but I just now saw it. Sorry. I'm not related to the Halbig of Simon & Halbig, but my husband is. I believe he was a great, great uncle. They did make some beautiful dolls!

  • Joan Halbig

    @ Ann E. James How nice that you have a doll that has been passed down through the family. That makes them all the more special. I''m sure a lot of those dolls have had their outfits redone. If the little girls of that generation were anything like me, they really enjoyed playing with them. And, even though, I've only had this doll for 10 or so years; she is very special to me.

There was just something about this doll. I just had to have her. My bedroom was pink and black and she was the perfect fit.

  • Candy Waldman Crawford

    @Joan Halbig Your doll is just beautiful. I especially like her locket and earrings.

  • Joan Halbig

    Thank you. Earrings were on her when I got her. The locket was something I had lying around the house. Can't remember where I got it. Thought it would look good on her.


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