Hahahahaha! This made me laugh out loud!

Ohhhhhh! So THAT'S why I don't have that six pack yet. Doing the wrong crunch ;)

I think this often during power vinyasa. Ha!

Just crunches won't flatten your belly....gotta work out the whole core. This has 4 exercises that take 15 mins total.

it flattens tummy & tones thighs/butt. I love rolling around on the ground.

tone your arms.

Burn More Fat In Less Time! This speedy total-body workout will turbo-boost your metabolism.

Infuse refreshing citrus flavor into your water bottle. I'm not sure I've ever needed something so badly.

Get zen while you burn calories! This sequence gives you a great at-home workout. Learn how to properly do these positions:

9 Stability Ball Exercises You've Got To Try

Lots of good tips to make sure your metabolism is moving at top speed. This is so good.

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