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Book Lovers Day: Gary Keller Shares Three of His All-Time Favorite Business Books - Gary Keller, business books

So excited about Gary Keller's brand new book!


In High Trust Selling, Todd Duncan motivates people to find meaning and fulfillment in what they're doing so they can connect with clients, form personal relationships, and turn the day-to-day sales job into an exciting and spectacular career.

For any entrepreneur or salesperson, writing a great sales letter is an absolute requirement. This book provides methods and strategies for writing that perfect sales letter and building a customer database.

Rework is a new read on the classic business model. It shares the success of counterintuitive ideas and best practices in business.

Great ideas are the basis of great business models. Explore why some ideas last, while others fall by the wayside.

A great guide for small business owners, this book takes readers through the life of a business and helps them to understand the difference between working on and working in a business.

"Talent is Overrated" knocks out the common belief that hard work or natural ability are the keys to success. Instead, it points to "deliberate practice," as the path to greatness.

Thomas Friedman provides an interesting read on globalization, the landscape of the modern world, and the opportunities and setbacks that this "flattening" provides us.

Seth Godin defines a Purple Cow as anything phenomenal, counter intuitive or exciting. This book encourages readers to recreate what remarkable companies have done before them: create products or services that are unique enough to be worth gaining the attention of consumers in the first place.

It's no longer just about customer satisfaction. If you want a successful business your clients have to be crazy about you. Blanchard and Bowles provide clear steps to ensure your customers are your biggest fans.

Learn the ins and outs of the art of practice and how it can help you achieve any goal.

What motivates us? Daniel Pink examines three elements of motivation - autonomy, mastery and purpose - and how they affect our lives and business.

Learn why multitasking is actually a lie and how to make efficient use of your time.

Our minds are ruled by two opposing rationales: the emotional mind and the rational mind. Learn how uniting these two forces can evoke radical results.

Learn how to get big results by creating habits to change your outlook personally and professionally.

Our take-away: Leading effective and purposeful conversations will lead to win-win outcomes for you and everyone involved.

This book discusses how modern-day progress can actually be a detriment to people’s personal lives. While progress allows us to seemingly accomplish more, it also allows us to be overloaded by stimulation, causing us anxiety. Swenson provides a look at how balancing one’s priorities can enable people to take back their much-needed personal time and live a life with margin.

A well-written and easy-to-follow book on leadership. This updated version showcases 10 years of reflection and wisdom gained from teaching the subject matter, which only adds to the book's AHAs.

Seth Godin helps readers to figure out if they are in a "Dip" (or temporary setback) worth their time and effort, or instead in a "Cul de Sac" (something that will never get better) that they need to get out of in order to move onto something else that is more worthy of their time and talent.

Life shouldn't be that hard. Exploring the 80/20 principle will help you focus, achieve more and reach your personal and business goals.

A follow-up book to "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," this book is geared towards today's Knowledge Worker. Covey teaches readers the importance of leadership and inspiring others through discovering your own unique voice.