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How to do your nails perfectly. // there really IS a method... it's how they do it in salons.

Pretty neat! How to get white nails -- make a paste using 1 tbsp peroxide and 2 1/4 tbsp baking soda. Let this paste sit on your nails for 5 minutes and voila! White nails! Another method is to scrub using an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. Will this undo years of dark polish use??? Must try

Seal a plastic bag with the top of a water bottle or any plastic bottle and the lid.

Use baking soda and vinegar to fix funky towels. Over time, and with many washes, your bath towels will build up detergent and fabric softener residue, leaving them both unable to absorb as much water and smelling kinda funky when they do. Rather than give Target another lump sum, run them through the wash once with hot water and a cup of vinegar, then again with hot water and a half-cup of baking soda, as wikiHow suggests. That strips the residue from them, leaves them smelling fairly fresh again, and makes your post-shower experience a dryer one,

the BEST journal idea I've always wanted to keep a journal..I think I could do this for myself and actually enjoy it!