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4th Grade Math - Fractions

Using a multiplication chart to teach equivalent fractions and simplest made me feel like an idiot, it is that easy!

  • Sonja Bailey

    Laminate a cardstock X's chart or use transparencies placed over the students' charts. The laminated chart or transparency can be wiped clean for repeated use. The students use their wipe-able charts for responses during whole class activities or the charts can be used during peer-to-peer work.

Simplify and Snap fraction review game from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources. Students can play with a partner, in math centers, or in cooperative learning teams. Preview the entire packet online before purchasing. $

Laura Candler's Mini Pack Teaching Resources

Convert fractions,decimals, and percents Foldable

#made4math- Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents Foldable

great for equivalent fractions.