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So true! I'd rather be #crafting :) #craftastic #PinPals

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☛ Mistakes happen :) #CraftPepTalks #sew

It's true -- we do :)

I 'heart' #craft therapy :)

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  • Linda Heuston

    Omg...I doodle all the time! I've even made cards and copies of my doodles that I've turned into patters. Can you imagine my surprise when I found out about Zentangle...structured doodling! I could be a billionaire, I've been doing what they teach since I was like 9yrs old...I'm 45. I can confidently say I'm a 'Master Zentangler'! {(@),,(@)}

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Hello, my name is: #Creative genius? Sewing aficionado?

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What's your #sewing or #crafting tip?

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What #sewing or #crafting item do you borrow the most from friends?

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So many projects... so little time :)

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Craft time! :) #PinPals

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  • Linda Coven

    Wishing I had extra time

  • Susan M. Jensen

    That correct

  • Joan Lehrer

    the great part of being retired is to have the time now I never had before to quilt, sew and knit. I am loving it

  • Linda Heuston

    Always was involved with my son's school and his activities...really enjoyed that! Now he's a PSU student, living close to campus and I find I'm enjoying some 'me' time which equals crafting!

What Ya Knittin' Kitten? "Just the comfiest sweater ever!" #PinPals #Knitting #Kitten

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores: What Ya Knittin' Kitten?
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Bling Attracts ♢ Glamorizing 24-7-365 #PinPals #Glam #Kitten #Puppy

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Encourage Creativity ☼ A Puurfect Day to Paint! #PinPals #Kitten #Painting

  • Leslie Wolf

    We must always encourage CREATIVITY...Whether it is with our children, our grandchildren, or within ourselves...

  • Diane McBain

    Good left brain exercise!

  • Linda Fleming

    Creativity is always on my mind. So I try to do one big thing a year with a friend or with out a friend.

  • Barbara Henderson

    Creativity was born into my soul...I love every minute of it,

  • Linda Heuston

    I can't even imagine my life without being able to be creative! Even while in the hospital, I was asking nurses for markers & paper to at least doodle, my hands were just itching to make something, anything! :)

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♥ Crafting with My Friends ♥ #PinPals #Friends #Crafting #Sewing

  • Victoria Roberts

    I am trying to revive my talent at sewing.

  • Barbara Henderson

    Anything with a needle is FUN!

  • Janice Mattfeld Preuss

    Right now working on a quilt for a friend, crocheting mittens and hats for Christmas and trying to finish a Christmas tree skirt that is counted cross stitch, oh did I say I have a full time job?

  • Susan M. Jensen

    You crtainly are busy Janice. Embroidery I love but just small stuff.

  • Linda Heuston

    Had to laugh when I saw this BFF was all excited to do some counted cross stitch ornaments one Xmas. She bought all supplies & found out- she hated it! Well, while helping her, I found a life-long hobby! That was back in 1987 & I've been going strong ever since!

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♫ Don't Stop Believin' ♫ :-D #PinPals

Thinking about your next craft project? #PinPals

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores: Thinking About My Next Project...
  • Sandra Barrett

    You can find it at Joan's

  • Ruthann Ross

    I'm always trying to figure out what is my next project of which could be counted cross stitch, knit, crochet, jewelry, or whatever I come across

  • Lucy Eastman

    Joann you need to be in every town! The gas is to high to go and Internet gives me a cramp in my neck looking on line. So Be like Dollar General and grow in every town. I bet you would do better than one city.

  • Cindy Griffith Kelly

    Love the mental health time at my sewing machine. Friday night is dinner at my sister-in-law's and then we head to the sewing room. Life is awesome!

  • Linda Heuston

    Usually have a couple projects going at one time...counted cross stitch bookmark for my PSU student son, funny St. Pat's card for my mom & a project for my sister who just lost someone close. Yes, it would be easier, and maybe even cheaper sometimes to just go buy these items...but that's not ME! I put a lil piece of my heart into the cards & gifts I make! We crafters do this out of LOVE!

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