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but see this is why we love dad and mom is the bad guy. because usually the answer to all these is no. but since we never ask dad he's great.

It’s how it’s always worked…

Or to their face. I'm not saying I'm proud of it, but it has happened many times, sometimes it's a double bird.

Electrocute her instead! 1950s ad for electricity

Haha so true... just filled up my beast and yup, no money in the bank anymore!!

Ain't got no money in my pockets, but im already here

when I was a baby, an evil fairy cursed with me expensive taste and no money.

Flat broke on payday. 'Cause that's how we roll.

Need to get this for my friends with Babies!

El pollo dramático.


I'd actually laugh if this got said to me... probably give him a high-five too.

It's true. I am evil.

so true

Al, love the sandals... genius.

Hello Kitty. Nice

It really does!



Good life!

From Some E-Cards.

man glues googly eyes to everything during shopping trip. too funny.

id wear it...