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Free Downloads by Autism Teaching Strategies

At, I not only sell social skills products, I also give away dozens of social skills games, activities and lessons with free downloads. As a favor to me, and to assist me in the creation of new materials, please contact me with your ideas and especially with photos of my creations being used:

This book by Joel Shaul, available from Jessica Kingsley in Fall 2014, uses hundreds of appealing photos and simple text to help children on the autism spectrum to find "common ground" in conversation. Tags: autism, conversation, social skills, social thinking, social skills, speech therapy.

This free 12-page download sets up a fun and challenging activity. Kids jointly invent an imaginary world with their peers, learning collaboration skills while they exercise their imaginations. A social skills activity NOT only for children with autism spectrum disorders.

This is the first in as series of eight videos for children. It introduces the idea that upsetting emotions start with automatic negative thoughts. Tags: CBT, autism, free video.

This video, the second in a series of eight videos for children on dealing with upsetting emotions, continues to show how automatic negative thoughts cause worries, sadness and anger. Tags: CBT, autism, Asperger, free video.

This video for kids is the third in a series of eight videos on dealing with upsetting emotions. In this video, five categories of "Poison Thoughts" (automatic negative thoughts) are introduced. Tags: CBT, autism, free video.

This is the fourth in a series of eight videos to help children to understand how patterns of thinking affect emotions. This video is on Black and White Thinking. Tags: CBT, autism, Asperger, video.

This the sixth in a series of eight videos for kids to help them understand patterns of thinking leading to negative emotions. Tags: CBT, Asperger, autism, free video, counseling.

This is the fifth in a series of eight videos to help children to understand thoughts that cause negative emotions. This video deals with the automatic thoughts that cause anxiety. Tags: CBT, autism, Asperger, anxiety, free video.

This is the seventh in a series of eight videos for children to help with troubling emotions. Tags: CBT, counseling, teaching, ASD, Asperger.

The eighth in a series of CBT videos to help children dealing with troubling emotions. This one is on Rigid Thinking. Tags: autism, Asperger, children, CBT, free video.

The Conversation Train Book, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, uses train images and simple language to teach children with ASD about "on track" and "off track" in conversation.

This video, the second in a series, describes 10 free social skills downloads. These are on emotional regulation.

This free download lets you make a paper fortune teller to promote giving compliments in sixteen different holiday scenarios. Designed for HFA children, but it might work for others, too :)

For $5.25 you get a really nice set of visuals to help kids with ASD learn about emotions. I provide some ideas on how to use them.

Click to see how to get these cool, inexpensive visuals to help kids with ASD learn about emotions. I explain some good ways to use them.

3 of the 24 emotion face cards I made. Click to see how I made them.

My favorite emotion face cards; how I made them.

This is one of six paper "fortune tellers" on various social skills themes.

This paper "fortune teller" is part of set of six. Lots more materials on this website on teaching the social skills of giving and receiving compliments.

This paper "fortune teller" is part of a set of six to be used to stimulate interest in social skills teaching.

Another paper "fortune teller," this one for facilitating conversation and problem solving about emotions.

Another version of social skills paper "fortune tellers." Six available.

Fold these free "fortune tellers" into social skills games for conversation, etc. Six different varieties.