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Joep van Wyk

Joep van Wyk

Social media is redefining how we do business. Pinterest gives new meaning to the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Calliope Hummingbird, 5/14/12

  • Pam Raines

    what part of the country (or world..) are you in? we live in VA near the coast and have noticed we only have 3 this year, usually we are loaded with them..are yours abundant?

  • Sandra Hazen

    This species of humming- bird is found in the west- ern US, in the Rockies. Smallest hummer in the US.

  • Fiona Marie

    Super Lucky! ♥

  • Joep van Wyk

    Hummingbirds are beautiful and interesting!

  • Karen Yancey

    We live in eastern Washington. Calliopes are the only kind I see here, and there are lots this year, They are so tiny and cute!

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portal view from Hotel Punta Regina, Positano, Italy.

humming birds

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Humming birds love our garden flowers.

  • Joep van Wyk

    Beautiful! My son made a video of what he thought was a hummingbird in their garden. We were very excited, but on close inspection it turned out to be a Nectar Hummingbird Moth. By the way I love your collection of Pinboards.

Cathedral in Koln Germany

  • Kelley Flores

    I was was able to sing there in 1973 with our high school choir. We were inside the gated area where the priests sit, stading in front of a golden chair in a glass case. The vocals were recorded and there was a 15 second echo. An incredible experience.

  • Kelley Flores

    We were the first non catholic, non German choir to sing there in the church's history

  • Joep van Wyk

    I have been in Cologne a few times... this picture is really fantastic!

  • candy hinkel

    This is an amazing place. I just saw it in March and I cant help but think of the history.

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Garlic cheesy bread.... Hubby is drooling! 104 THOUSAND re-pinners can't be wrong!!!

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  • Amanda McCoy

    Wengen is one of my favorite places

  • 马西灵 Valeria Maselli

    One of the most beautiful valley in the world

  • Joep van Wyk

    Lauterbrunnen, which is further down into the valley is also amazing.

  • 马西灵 Valeria Maselli

    I know!!!! I ran the Jungfrau Marathon and this part of the course was so striking beautiful!!! I love Switzerland and I hope to go back there this summer hiking on the Aletsch Gletscher

  • Joep van Wyk

    That's a coincedance! In 2011 we arrived in Interlaken (from Luzern) the day of the marathon. The next day we had perfect weather going up the Jungfrau. Enjoy your hiking experience.

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