To have courage is to have the mental and moral strength to listen to our heart. It takes courage to do what is morally right. Native people were told by the Elders to be proud of who they were and never to deny the way of life the Great Spirit gave them. It is with Courage that we reclaim our rightful place in the circle of life and the right to honor the Great Spirit and pray for all people.

How to Perform a Native American Smudging Ceremony

I can use this on my storystick!

I haven't done much loomwork... although Scott did buy me a very nice loom.

also similar to Shawnee style

wow! This is impeccable beadwork!

would love a closer look at HIS work!

This would not only cost a fortune to make, it would weigh a TON!

I love the long bone breastplates. Don't see them as much anymore as once.

There's more to see...
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