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American soldiers escort a group of Dutch children dressed up in traditional costume for a concert after the liberation in February, 1945 - this is just the sweetest picture ever.

Once Upon A Time In War

An SS doctor examines a group of kidnapped Polish children judged to be "racially valuable" and ready for adoption by German parents. Süddeutscher Verlag, Bilderdienst, Munich

US Marines battle Japanese forces during Operation Stalemate II, otherwise known as the Battle of Peleliu island (present day Palau) Sept-Nov 1944. Contrary to initial assessments predicting a short conflict, stiff Japanese resistance and heavy fortifications forced the Marines into a fierce 2-month battle of attrition. The Peleliu casualty rate was the highest for U.S. military personnel of any battle in the Pacific War.

US Soldiers execute Nazi SS guards at Dachau

Dachau Concentration Camp Images (65 of 69)

World War II - one group of killers stood out as more vicious, murderous, and bloodthirsty than all others. The Ustasha of Yugoslavia were a Muslim-Catholic alliance of Nazi killers so beastly that even Nazi officials in Berlin were horrified.

The Holocaust’s Most Vicious Killers…The Scum Of Human History

Witold Pilecki (1901-1948), During World War II he volunteered to be imprisoned at Auschwitz in order to gather intelligence and escape. While in the camp, Pilecki organized a resistance movement and as early as 1941, informed the Western Allies of Nazi Germany's Auschwitz atrocities. He escaped in 1943 and took part in the Warsaw Uprising. He remained loyal to the Polish government-in-exile and was executed in 1948 by the Stalinist secret police on charges of working for "foreign imperialism".

File:Witold Pilecki 1.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WWll Navajo Code Talkers-They were a small band of warriors who created an unbreakable code from the ancient language of their people and changed the course of modern history.

Navajo Code Talkers | Interviews, Videos & More

D-Day, June 6, 1944: Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat, a Scottish aristocrat and infantry commander, ordered his piper, Bill Millin, to go ashore on one of the main landing points for the invasion of Normandy and wail on a set of bagpipes. Once on the beach, Millin calmly walked up and down at the water’s edge, playing while carnage exploded and people died all around him. The episode was immortalized in the 1962 war film "The Longest Day."

Mauthausen, Austria, A prisoner who committed suicide by throwing himself onto an electrified fence.

D-Day: The Normandy Invasion. Army Air Corps photographers documented D-Day beach traffic, as photographed from a Ninth Air Force bomber on June 6, 1944. Note vehicle lanes leading away from the landing areas, and landing craft left aground by the tide. Some of the black dots are dead soldiers

Allied POWS cheer as an American tank breaks through the barbed wire surrounding the POW camp in Hammelburg, Germany on April 8, 1945.

US Army - Liberation!

One of the ten German soldiers accused of killing US prisoners of war at Malmedy. 7th May 1945

Once Upon a Time in War

The Hunger Winter. In the Hongerwinter, Dutch rail workers went on strike to stop the Germans, who punished them by putting a hold on all maritime transport. This cut off all their food and fuel. Many Dutch went to the countryside to trade with farmers, the Allied forces dropped food from the air, but many still starved to death. (This boy, Henkie, survived.)

As we commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day & as we remember the incredible bravery, courage & sacrifice that those soldiers displayed, we recognize a modern day warrior. CNN Hero Zane Buzby is helping the last remaining holocaust survivors. These people experienced pure hell. Their families & friends were slaughtered, parents, siblings, children, all gone. So they literally have absolutely no one. Zane is sending medical help, shelter, food, medicine & support for those that need it most.

American combat engineers eat a meal atop boxes of ammunition stockpiled for the impending D-Day invasion, May 1944. (Frank Scherschel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

LIFE: Rare color photos mark D-Day anniversary

D-Day-infographic - By the Numbers

Foraging for food among the rubble. Berlin, Spring-Summer 1945

The German SD 2 'Butterfly Bomb' was used on a large scale during the Second World War, and was designed as an anti-personnel/fragmentation weapon. They were delivered by air, being dropped in containers that opened at a predetermined height, thus scattering the bombs. When released, the casing sprang open to form a sort of parachute which also rotated the whole assembly, thus arming the fuze. Several types of fuze could be fitted, ranging from impact to clockwork anti-handling.

1945 - The Liner, the "Queen Elizabeth," bringing American troops into NY Harbor at the end of WW II.

Defeated German soldier in front of burning Reichstag, Berlin, 1945 - Mark Redkin

24 Apr 45: After five and a half long years, nightly blackouts are finally lifted throughout England with the exception of certain coastal areas. Thousands of Britons died in road accidents during the Blackout, due to the lack of street lighting and dimmed traffic lights. Countless others were injured tripping, falling down steps or bumping into things because they could not see in the darkness. #WWII #History

Crew members of U-50 display their Iron Crosses in Wilhelmshaven on the 2nd March 1940 (All 44 crew died when the U-50 ran into a minefield in the North Sea on the 6th April 1940)

Guderian explaining the situation to the spectacled Fuhrer, next to Hermann Göring

Generals Patton and Eisenhower confer in Tunisia, March 1943