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Lakeside house with shutters closed via SUBTILITAS

Douglas Engelbart, one of my heros, passed away this week. This video is a recording of what's now called "The Mother of All Demos", from 1968, showcasing things about computing decades ahead of their time. The mouse, teleconferencing, word processing, file linking, real time text editing are all on display in this incredible talk.

Social Media Studie 2013: Versicherungen im Vergleich - soguelschaller

The starfish and the spider

Infrastructural Lifespans | Harvard GSD symposium

Still really enjoy this essay by Nicholas de Monchaux on Meat and Manhattan / "And just as cuts of beef change to suit custom and fashion (who remembers the silverside, striploin, or clod?), so do neighborhood boundaries and designations. An alley named for Dashiell Hammett in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, whose Maltese Falcon was set in and around the neighborhood, now lies inside tony Nob Hill. Manhattan’s own Tenderloin, once the area between 23rd and 57th street and 5th and 7th avenues, lost its name after its mostly black population moved to Harlem in the early 20th century."

Ballhorn, Vintage edition. :) Definitely something for little bikers.

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