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This unusual ceramic kiln is a noborigama type (登り窯), and is located in Gallifa, Catalonia. So, what does a classic japanese style kiln in a tiny catalan village? Well, it's located just behind the house and workshop of J. Llorens Artigas, a ceramist that worked with Picasso and Miro

Ceramic kiln house, Noborigama...

Kilns - History and Basic Designs

Montana State University wood kiln

Anagama 2012 014 The new anagama at Archie Bray, constructed by Simon Levin and friends

Front side of Jeff Shapiro's anagama.

KILNS | Jeff Shapiro

Jeff Shapiro's anagama.

KILNS | Jeff Shapiro

The back two chambers of Chris Guston's anagama. Door for the last chamber is on opposite side.

Main body of Chris Guston's anagama. Beautiful curved volume.