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I really love the C in Christmas. I feel that the images have caused the typography to be a bit unbalanced.. but I like it anyways.

The typeface makes this seem too official.. I feel like I must officially use this ketchup..

I'm not sure if I should read this or puke on it first.. What the hell is going on!?

I'm not for or against war but War Posters crack me up :)

I love hate this design :)

I like the idea behind the typography of this design.. but I am ABSOLUTELY SICK of this "3D" crap.. Yay! you came up with an unoriginal idea!!.. Cheap tricks are reserved for cheap designers..

Have I mentioned that I love Nikon? Is it just me or is the h bent?

I want this!! I would bring this to school instead of a laptop any day!

Another way of showing type can be art..

Old School type.. Is where it's at!

Evil.. just Evil.. I remember having to type school project papers on these.. I may be old but I know how to use whiteout ;)

Shift Key.. Yeah.. they do exist.. I have a bad habit of using the caps lock over and over..

The text is hard to read but the message is strong..

I love Art Nouveau! Every aspect of the design screams "I'm a rebel.. but a damn pretty one" The typography reflects the style and still successfully communicates the message.

This is repeated in my head over and over while designing.. However this design.. not so simple

After watching a part of Helvetica, I've been looking at everything. These 1950's advertisements are horrible.. in a wonderful but gross way..

This is much more clever than all of those silly Darth Vader ones.. Helbotica owns all!

And our world has not been the same since... Helvetica..