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Books Worth Reading

By far, one of my favorite books and I have a personal collection of over 500 books! Amy Tan speaks with such clarity and insight, it's almost like she's reciting an episode from my Asian-American life (of course it helps that she's also Asian!) ♥ ♥ ♥

Anne Frank: was one of the most renowned Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Acknowledged for quality of her writing, her diary has become one of the world's most widely read books, chronicaling a short life. 1940 family trapped in Amsterdam by Nazi occupation, went into hiding in secret rooms of her father's office building for 2 yrs, then betrayed and sent to Bergen-Belsen conc camp, where she died of typhus1945. Her father only survivor of the family, returned home, discovered Anne's diary.

I saw this in the bookstore at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. I made a mental note to pick it up when I finished reading the books already sitting on my nightstand. I have always loved reading about the Holocaust.

Just finished reading this. Amazing and suspenseful novel about Hope Clearwater, a primatologist living in Africa during its civil unrest. Recommend for sure !