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Use a milk carton to create a decorative ice block for wine or champagne chilling

"That poor seal was afraid his new friend was too stupid to live!"

Impossible Pie: All the ingredients are mixed together and poured into a pie tin, but when it cooks it forms its own crust with filling. the basic recipe has a lovely vanilla coconut flavour, but the variations are endless

Earth Structural Layer Cake by cakecrumbs: The red layer is orange Madeira sponge, the yellow is lemon Madeira sponge and the white cake was a vanilla buttercake! #Earth #Cake

hmmm...Homemade Cheez-Its?! Without all the processed junk. And only 5 ingredients!

Campfire Cake in an Orange-- Cut the tops off oranges & scoop out the fruit. Fill each orange just past halfway with prepared cake mix. Put the tops back on & wrap in foil. Set the oranges in the campfire coals for 20 minutes. The cake bakes right in the oranges and is very moist with a tinge of orange flavor... We do this every year at camp!!

Beach Ball Arch... fun for any beach/pool party! {photo only}

This is very clever! Expandable oven rack - sur la table $9.99. Anyone who has cooked Thanksgiving/Christmas meal knows this is absolutely necessary if you have a single oven!!

Couch to Bunk Beds. This would be the coolest couch ever if the couch is comfy

• Pirate Scroll ~ Go to Disney Magic Kingdom to the Pirates League next to Pirates of the Caribbean and ask for a "Pirate Name".  After you get your new pirate name, you also get a free awesome pirate scroll to take home.

DIY: Sand Bowls- just sand mixed with glue and dripped over a bowl until it hardens. Perfect for holding your summer seashell collection

Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark when you tap them.

‘BS25′ Silos – Diving and Indoor Skydiving Center Proposal / Moko Architects via archdaily: Restoration of a factory in Żerań, Poland with utilization of existing cement storage silos for indoor skydiving and deep water diving up to 25m. #Architecture #Diving #Skydiving