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Valentine's game,plinko with conversation hearts. Supplies: For grid: 8 1/2" x 11" paper size 1 inch margin 8 point weight for dots .75 dots per cm (for conversation hearts) or .94 dots per cm (for Smarties candy made by Smarties Candy Company ) Bathroom Cups or plastic shot glasses Translucent Push Pins Elmer's Foam Board (two pieces of 12"x12"; double-layer is required to cover sharp point of push pin)

Every day starting on Feb 1st they wake up to a new heart on their door that says something you love about them. By Valentine's Day they have 14 reasons and their gift is waiting when they wake up:) That sounds like a super cute tradition to start!

Life is a (Symphony) on Valentine’s Day! And to my (Big Hunk or SweetTart) I just wanna say…. Please don’t (Snicker) at my silly rhyme, And we’ll celebrate with a (Whopper) of a time! I wouldn’t trade you for…(100 Grand) Because you’re (Good & Plenty) and my best friend. You probably think this gift is funny, But I’ll always be your…(Bit O’ Honey) So, let’s have (Mounds) of fun today, And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

covered candy bars - great teacher gift