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Bake the bacon instead of frying is easy and it creates a perfectly crisp strip of bacon!

Americans are healthy. We eat salad. In a bowl of bacon.

Bacon apple pie. Actually more American than regular apple pie.

"I'm sorry for forgetting our anniversary. Here are some roses. Made out of bacon."

I need to eat some bacon to clean my teeth after brushing with bacon toothpaste.

Bacon lollipops. Because our kids aren't fat enough yet...

Feel greasy after eating nothing but bacon? Clean it off. With some bacon.

ThinkGeek :: Bacon Soap

Bacon martinis. When you want to look classy while eating bacon.

Dates are gross. But dates wrapped in bacon? Delicious.

  • Kristi Bradley

    have you seen the recipe (not sure if this one) when they are filled with ricotta? oh so yummy

  • Jon Loomer

    I don't really like ricotta. But I'm sure I'd like ricotta wrapped in bacon.

  • Kristi Bradley

    I don't like ricotta either but, let me tell you, it is amazing in this concoction.

Turkey bacon.