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Electricity started to crackle as they drew closer.

As a recent transferee from another school, he’s been more reflective of what he’s left behind.

He visits the waters every evening, to find the Lady of the Lake, since he was a boy. Godfrey Gao

He started to laugh inwardly about what happened earlier today. Michael Goma

A house in the mountains wasn’t her idea for a vacation but she started to find quiescence in her heart.

She and her silky surrounding started to melt into each other. Naomi Campbell

And out of the cloud of dust, the called to her lover through a melodic song. Karolina Kurkova by Mariano Vivanco For Vogue Mexico; styled by Sarah Gore Reeves; hair by David Von Cannon; makeup by Pep Gay

Once he overheard what happened next, he couldn’t help giving her the side-eye.

As the rain cleansed him, he felt his soul being cleansed as well. David Dodsworth

She emerged into stark clarity from the blur of white.

Lounging in the den after a hot summer day. Kendra Spears/Love Magazine#3 Spring Summer 2010

Each freckle is a target for my kisses.

When I saw her again, after all these years, the number 17 came to mind. That was the last freckle I counted before our first kissed.

  • Mexica

    You lucky man. This woman is stunning!

After miles of following the perp, he tensed-up and waited to see is his accomplice was close by.

Feelings she hadn’t felt in a long time, began to drip back into her heart, while she was listening…

Vengeance was I could see in Baby Doll’s eyes.

When confronted by his childhood bully, Rob contemplated punching him right in the kisser.

She had to fiddle with her cuticles to keep herself preoccupied and not cry while waiting for him.

When he heard the question, he started hearing his heart beat like a loud drum in his ears. (Joe Lally II).