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All Creatures Great and Small...

I love this board will have many animals pinned....cute pics, animal quotes, beautiful pics, extraordinary pics of animals...anything to do w/ animals...I'm not obsessed, I promise. Just in awe, of one of the Creator's greatest creations in my humble opinion.

wolves mate for life

Diane Fossey with friends ~

Symbolizes the Lion of the Tribe of Judah....I love this.

Christian with George Adamson...he was placed in good hands. God bless George for all the compassion he showed to so many Lions...he had a gift. No doubt

Christian and his forever friends ~

Christian the Lion when his former flat friends came to see him in the wild where he was returned....long story short: He remembered them & embraced it. : )

Christian the Lion while living in a flat in London...

  • Rhonda Kay

    Animals are beautiful and noble, demonstrating God’s creativity, goodness, kindness, and sense of humor. Nearly every time I go to the zoo or watch a nature documentary, I am moved to worship.

Christian the Lion ~