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What to buy from Costco that will actually save you money - and just about everything else you would ever need to know about shopping at Costco, from PIN NOW, READ LATER!

DIY Water Balloon Station using old shampoo bottles! Easiest way to fill and tie water, ever.

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Lingerie Bridal Shower ideas - throw the complete shower for a few dollars, from

Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas - Fun Cheap or Free

How to put on fake eyelashes (and make them look good!). They cost $5 or less and can be reused again and again. SO MUCH CHEAPER than eyelash extensions!

How much braces cost and how to budget for them! From

"The Gift Of Presence": A mom's account of how her son almost died because she was distracted on Instagram. Everyone NEEDS to read this! Total tear-jerker, very inspiring.

The Gift Of Presence - Fun Cheap or Free
  • Danielle Belew

    Great story. Glad he is ok.

  • Shawnee Griffeth

    Thank you for posting this really made me think about how "present" I am in my little guys life and it is something I need to work on! I have thought a lot lately about not being on my phone or iPad when he is awake and your post has really put how unimportant social media is compared to our kids lives. Thank you again! I am so glad your little guy made it through and I am sure this wasn't easy to share but know it helped at least one person :)

  • Elisabeth Turner

    I remember reading this when you originally posted it, and I don't think I'll ever forget your story. Make me so much more aware of my children :)

Why you're seeing the ads you're seeing on websites - EVERYONE should read this! Great to know how you're being targeted on social media and how to protect yourself and your family from sleazy ads.

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10 pound challenge for June - everything you need to lose 10lb in one month, or simply kick-start eating healthy and getting fit. Automatically entered to win huge cash prizes and giveaways by signing up. I'm SO IN!

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Free summer fun and attractions in Utah, from

$1 and $0.50 movies at Cinemark theaters all over the US, all summer long!

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Super cool website that shows you all the best prices for the week at grocery stores next to you so you know where you should shop.

Price-matching made easy

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons from

Price-matching made easy

Everything you need to pack, bring, and plan for when going on a cruise - especially with kids. Includes how to find the best deals and what you can expect to pay! From

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How we paid off over $10k credit card debt in just ONE year, while making only $3K/month or less from #money #finance

Simple system for paying off credit cards (even if you think you can't afford to) and get them under control FOR GOOD. From #finances

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DIY Chalk paint recipe & tutorial. SO cheap, SO easy, it dries quickly, and requires NO sanding!

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Sliced Steak Salad with Creamy Horseradish Dressing recipe (Restaurant copy-cat). #steak #salad

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