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Boys, you should wear your glasses more often. {ALWAYS a sucker for a cute boy in glasses!☺}

The Top 25 Best Pictures Of Zac Efron Shirtless

Brant Daughtery -- It's like the sun itself is shining from within him.

Happy hump day! Here's a shirtless photo of Kellan Lutz on Miami Beach. :)

Holy Hotness!

Muscle Jocks: Muscle Jock of the Day

Kellan Lutz. He always looks like he's thinking the most naughty things

Greys Anatomy - McSteamy When they killed him off in a plane crash the viewer audience died a million deaths.

Grey's Anatomy, giving me unrealistic expectations of men since 2005. --- LOL @Amie Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Sisk

Ryan Gosling Coffee Mug

Zac... a juicy piece of man candy ^^ That comment :))

Turboscot: Bob Barbero and another fit guy I came across with an amazing tat fit

Colin you are killing me with your attractiveness