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Well technically I've never hit pin so quickly in my life haha.

9x09 Holy Terror / 9x22 Stairway To Heaven - "What I had to" - repeated line theme - Theo, Castiel, Dean Winchester, Gadreel, Tessa, Metatron, Supernatural edit by Karissa C


"In a parallel universe where the last SPN finale doesn't hurt..." ||| Demon!Dean, Sam, and Castiel ||| Supernatural Fan Art by polyglotplatypus on Tumblr

Supernatural poems - so touching, especially Bobby's... ;)

Supernatural / iFunny :)


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This will happen differently in season 10

Supernatural / iFunny :)


Supernatural / iFunny :)

Supernatural truly does have a gif for everything [gif set]

Snowman | Funny And