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Vangelis - Cosmos (Theme from TV Series) - YouTube

Fallout 3 concept art - Imgur

Fallout 3 concept art - Imgur

io9 - We come from the future.

Birdnest Riverside Guesthouse Interior … Thunderbirds glamour of Lady Penelope's boudoir.

Mountain Conicals … 'Featuring open air parks attached to the buildings for rare mountain plants. The packed earth acts as insulating materi...

Silk Co-operative … Plans for an artisans' commune inspired by traditional Korean spinning wheels.

Its famous for being footy-game fare, but with little know-how you can turn this corner shop classic into a family favourite.

Yoghurt makes delectable sweets. Its velvety texture makes cakes moist, while its tang adds to the flavour

Traditional carbonara is given a decadent twist with truffled pecorino.

Take it slowly or use a pressure cooker with this two-for-one beef stew recipe.

(19) Community Management: What is the best visual representation of community management? - Quora

"The plan was created in the ’80s, and is supposed to be a detailed flow chart for establishing a permanent human presence in space."

Master of Pen and Ink: The Monumental Drawings of Manabu Ikeda painting

Animated Music Video Filmed Through a Bands Breath in Freezing Temperatures by Wriggles & Robins music video breath animation

Science is Awesome: A 3D printed Prosthetic Foot Designed for Buttercup the Amputee Duck birds 3d printing

How to Use Outstanding Visual Language in a Presentation