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Oops.. just peed my pants

When professors walk into the exam room five minutes before it starts and ask how everyone is doing. Not impressed.

Finals week / iFunny :)

Really how? Fail and how they pull them over.. do they use the little bell thing? XD I'll ask my dad. Whose a copp

Funnies Thread Part 2

OMG I laughed so hard I started's long but sooo worth reading all the way through!! the funniest thing I've ever read. | See more about hair removal cream, laughter and god.

The funniest websites & pages in the world - WDB.ES

I literally laughed out loud!!!!!!!!!!

Behold, the Magic of spanx. Strangle yourself with fat..Lol just push it all upward...

Taking the term "label ho" to a whole new level..

LOL! I found this a LOT funnier than it probably was meant to be.

I seriously can't stop laughing at this. I just can't

ahahaha I laughed way too hard at this. Huff n puff balloons....we love you with all of our breath. Eee-er.