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Doctor Who: The Stone Rose. Read by David Tennant. I'll have to come back to this it's an hour long.

So sad when you realize that River was just repeating his words back to him...or was he repeating those words back her...

Madame Pompadour, with TARDIS.

A link to all the Doctor Who Mini-Episodes!!

Not Some New Man: The Hidden Pattern Behind the Doctor’s Regenerations | This is really cool

The thing about Doctor Who, is it's's very hard to explain and not sound like a lunatic.

Yes, she did deserve a hug for that. Even Sarah Jane hasn't gotten it right yet. (Sarah Jane gets Luke to say it for her.)

One, Two, Three, Four, I declare a time war. Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Daleks scream “EXTER-MIN-ATE”.Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, The Doctor died & Silence Fell.Twelve, Eleven, Ten, Nine, there he goes back in time.Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Saving Everybody’s lives.Four, Three, Two, One, Grab her hand & whisper “Run.”