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take a deep breath and trust in God.

"As a result of playing this part, I have become even more passionate about the way of the cross. It is about Our Lord's sacrifice for mankind, for our sins, bringing us back to God, and it's love that did this." -- Jim Caviezel on playing Jesus in The Passion of the Christ

Forget the days troubles, Remember the days blessings.

At my lowest: God is my hope; At my darkest: God is my light; At my weakest: God is my strength; At my saddest: God is my comforter.

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Isn't that a wonderful assurance that the LORD of the whole universe is watching over me,now ?!

Grappling with Faith~I've been wondering a lot about the level of my faith. Not wondering, really ... more discovering. I talk faith. I believe faith. I think I have faith. Then, I find myself seated in a pew at the funeral of a four month old. To suffer such loss. To love God in spite of and in the midst of. What do we do with our God when our God allows something that pulls the rug of our faith right out from underneath us? And, I hear God's Spirit asking...Do you trust me?(Read more here)

God's promises to those who seek Him