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Kitchen Cheat Sheets - Princess Pinky Girl

Kitchen Cheat Sheets - Page 2 of 2 - Princess Pinky Girl

Ever imagined printing photos without using ink but heat? Check out ZINK, a portable zero ink printer which prints photos directly from your smartphone.

ZINK: Portable Zero Ink Printer - IPPINKA

Today’s assignment is to consider your family’s sleep cycles and see how you can do better. This is an area we’re really committed to working on, because we developed some not-so-great habits while we were on a few weeks of summer break. And I was the worst culprit of said habits. So I’m really committed to training my body to start going to bed much earlier. I sleep so much better when I go to bed early. I feel more rested. And I wake up feeling so energized. This, in turn, makes me much more energetic and productive. Plus, I just feel happier all around.

Rise & Shine Challenge: Day 2

Breastfeeding, attachment, gentle parenting

So many people look at their kids and label all the negatives. But if you stop and think about it, the things that often give us strife are the things that are actually amazing qualities!!

Ten Things Every Parents Needs in their Potty Training Bag

As a homemaker and follower of Christ, we are called to look after and manage our household. The house is our domain and we are put in charge of creating a God glorifying atmosphere. Here are a few practical tips to help you GLORIFY GOD IN YOUR HOMEMAKING!

Managing Your Home...for God's Glory - Young Wife's Guide

Be the best parent you can. Try using these parent challenges to connect. I love my k babies!

Read aloud to a child today! Infographic with very interesting statistics!

Usborne Books & More. New Titles

Yellow Chevron Stripe Chore Chart

Yellow Chevron Stripe Chore Chart

And snap! The jobs a game!

  • Teresa Shaw

    Use two dice with 12 jobs... if you roll doubles, you rest for 20 min then roll again ;)

chore cards for the littles can be printed for a picture schedule, chore drawing from a bowl, or star chart.

Family jobs and money jobs both have their place in teaching kids responsibility - get tips on how to use them effectively

Establishing family jobs and money jobs

Random acts of kindness are a great way to show love in your family. These random acts of kindness are perfect for kids and grown-ups. #60days #summerfun #kindness

Random Acts of Kindness - iMom

Make your planner work for you while getting more done in your home! How to Combine a Planner + Homekeeping Binder via Clean Mama

Start Here. Week 1 – Calendar + Bill Pay

Prayer and bible caddy-Anyone can put one of these together!!! SO EASY!

Bible & Prayer Caddy!

How To Make A Custom Desktop Wallpaper in PicMonkey | Organize 365

Custom Desktop Wallpaper - Organize 365

Free printable planner

Freebie: Simple Printable Planner - Overcrafting