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Haaaahaha. Lol. True. I have babysat kids before and had to get them ready for church.....not easy!

Hahahaha...yeah, we know we over pack, but it is better than under packing and forgetting things!

Oh the memories ! Or momma caught you and had to go sit by her. Also knowing if u didn't move when she told u come here, she would get come get you, which was wayyyyy worse

haha true!

Or some type of candy lol, like lifesavers lol or as the kids at church say circles!

Pentecostal kitties

Hey now! Every so often XD

Row on to church ;)) lol.

Yep so true

Umm if your going to shout your hair down then there is no way you are going to be calm

Why I wear skirts... Secular ppl just don't get it! lol It's a God thing.....

You know this is true if you're pentecostal :) This is soo me!

pentecostal humor - Google Search

Messy bun. For my messy bun

girls boys win humor jokes burn joke teen quote girl quotes funny joke oooh BURN

Christian humor

Hilarious Christian Memes

Yep. But then u wanna knock me out anyway and maybe pray me back lol.