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Cordless Tool Station Woodworking Plan. This handy wall-hung holster stores your cordless drills, impact drivers, and nailers, while keeping accessories—especially those pesky battery chargers—contained and close at hand. Featured in the October 2013 issue of WOOD.

Cordless Tool Station Woodworking Plan

Brilliant! Body forms for life size props. Hopefully someone can use the concept or improve on it.It has worked pretty well for me (and its fairly cheap). Less than $20 for a sturdy, water resistant and reusable form. Outside friendly. Just add your favorite costume!I utilize PVC frames and simply add empty 2 liter bottles for leg filler. Incidentally, the necks of the bottles fit 1/2" PVC pipe perfectly.

Static: Lifesize Body Forms

Easy Halloween Sugar cookies. You could buy store bought dough, which will make it super easy. That is a bite size milky way pressed in center with white frosting fangs :) Very cute idea! www.therapyforyou...

Recycling Christmas Lights - when you just need a couple to light up skull eyes.

Build a space craft with tarp, a clear mixing bowl, & plywood!

gross cakes images | Thread: Evil Clown Theme dessert suggestion?

Toothless crochet pattern. Either I'll get one of my friends to do it for me, or I'll suck it up and learn :)

Why didn't I ever think to decorate pumpkins with henna!!!!!

#Frankenweenie - Weird Girl #maquette - Nathan Flynn

Harry Potter Party Food ideas and recipes - Rae Gun Ramblings