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Ancient Hebrew Characters; very good chart!

Makes me realize how exposed I've been to Greek mythology versus Roman mythology. I know everything by their Greek forms xD except for Hercules...but he's a special case. *nod* And DUDE, why was he Hercules in the Disney movie, but all of the gods went by their Greek forms???

Ares : God of war, violence and bloodshed

Poseidon from the Greek Mythology Series.

Diomedes and Athena Greek Mythology

Greek mythology problems explained

Al Capone in court, October 1931. (Chicago Tribune historical photo)

Titanic Sinks - RT-D Front Page, April 16, 1912 | Historic Photos | Richmond Times-Dispatch

A young Franklin D. Roosevelt, c. 1911 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Lincoln photos - historical photos

New York, August 1913. “Suffragettes on way to Boston.” (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Women's Rights Convention July 19 & 20 1848

Historical- Women's rights: 1 I am a feminist, so the women who spoke up for my rights are my idols. When I say feminists, I don't mean 'I hate men, women are superior.' because that is just lack of actual knowledge to me, when I say feminists, I mean men and women are not better then each other and people should realize we each have things we are better at.

Susan B. Anthony was a women's rights advocate, and anti-slavery activist

OWS. Women's rights

CNT Anarchist militia women in the Spanish Civil War

Miliciana, Spanish Civil War

Robert Capa, Spanish Civil War, SPAIN. Montblanch, near Barcelona