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Glue a magnet to the bottom of the hammer so you don't have to hold nails in your mouth while hanging pictures. GENIUS I SAY!!

no-spill PVC pipe chicken feeder

Rustic reclaimed pallet furniture shoe shelf book case storage unit...( i would love this but i want a door on it so i don't see the shoes. make it look like a draw, but have it drop open, using magnetic things to hold it closed)) wish i was good with wood working, i can see it in my head, i just don't know how to use the tools.)

This is called a Swedish flame make your cuts like you're cutting cake leave about 6 inches at the base throw some fuel oil in there about a cap full it burns up to two to three hours

How to Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive Your Mac... everything you need to know. pin now, read later

Flower Tower, this is a great diy using PVC pipe. Beats paying $30 like it says it sells for! Easy to make....just buy the perforated PVC pipe

Remove water stains. MAN does this work! Tried it on an antique table the other day and there is no more sign of the water marks. PHEW!

Alyssa I pinned this for you!!Customer Image Gallery for Dogs leave paw prints on your heart cute puppy wall art wall sayings quotes

this is so true.......

Turning a headboard and footboard into a bench. LOVE!

Rub with waxed paper, water doesn't leave a mark anymore. This site has several ingenious hints for cleaning, etc.

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