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This is a great way to share with your students what is expected from them on the first day of school. This will be nice to have in your door where students can see it and remember what is expected from them.6321

  • Classroom Management

    I really feel that students want to fit in and feel loved and accepted. This starts the school year out on a positive note, and lets the students know that their teacher has their back even when no one else does. I want to do something like this in my classroom because I really would like to establish a professional friendship with my students. 1630

  • Classroom Management

    I will post something like this in my classroom. It will help get students in the mindset to succeed in learning. It is something that is easy to read and could be read at the beginning of every day to give some students that extra boost that they need. To feel that they are safe and loved. They are valued as a person.

  • Classroom Management

    I would totally use something like this in my classroom! This will show that I care for my students and that I have high expectations on my students. This will probably be posted inside the classroom. 8165

  • Valarie Edwards

    I salute all you teachers out there for doing an exceptional job in the face of cutbacks and limitations! There's a special place in heaven for you, esp for your public school teachers!

  • Ruth Hunter

    Amazing inspirational words!!!

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