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Be Proactive 1: Slide show to demonstrate (shaken soda=reactive, water bottle=calm, carry your own weather, etc.)

Hailey's 3rd grade teacher told me she was the best leader in his class. I knew EXACTLY what he meant!

Tons of pictures for Leader in Me bulletin boards, work displays, and school decorations.

Leadership Ideas to use with Students

Four ways teachers can help students be leaders VİA THE LEADER IN ME

The Leader in Me (TheLeaderinMe) on Twitter

leader in me school hallways | Mrs. White's 5th Grade Class: Week 22- Leader in Me Visit

Filling the Frame with Learning: Week 22- Leader in Me Visit

Our Mission - Beaumont Elementary, A Leader in Me School

Our Mission - Beaumont Elementary, A Leader in Me School

Just Can't Wait to be King- I picked this video to help reinforce the 2nd habit- Begin with the End in Mind.

LeaderSHIP: All Aboard! This is our theme this year.

Tracking our WIGs (wildly important goals) for the leader in me process. A target to keep track of our fluency words per minute and out multiplication fact progress.

AB Combs ... When a community leader visits your school, take their picture and frame it on the wall.

2nd grade mission statement for Leader in Me(picture only)

begin with the end in mind

character building books for kids

88 Books That Teach Important Lessons - No Time For Flash Cards

Encouraging Words - 27 phrases you can use instead of "good job." This list emphasizes the student's effort and positive choices. It's less about external praise and more about internal pride.

Encouraging Words - Positive Parenting Solutions

You just never know when you'll need to make a superhero cape! :).

Putting First Things First Student's big rocks

Research shows that when students track their own learning/understanding and data, they perform better. See how this teacher puts her students in charge of rating their OWN learning and tracking their OWN data using Marzano's levels of understanding$! Tons of blog posts!!

1st day activity. School is important because___. What kind of teacher do you want___. Our class should ___ everyday. What are you looking forward to learning___.

Following My Heart to First Grade: August 2012