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"Rice bags" or "corn bags", for heating pads. These are easy and wonderful gifts, or comforts for your own family! I warm my bed up with a corn bag. =) It's a life-saver! =)

Dictionary art Giraffe Print 2, vintage illustration on upcycled dictionary page, Upcycled Book Print on Etsy, $9.50

Personalized Birthday Board by DoodlesDotsDoodads on Etsy

Everyone's birthday and name, cool idea for the family!

Four Generations photo- GENIUS idea for Mother's Day or any photo gift


Super cute idea!!! :-D doctor-who-collectibles

Neat site to design your own photo books, magazines, brochures, etc. This is a painful find...I just spent a lot of money for my photographer to make the same thing. This site offers custom photobooks as cheap as $20-50!

I am so going to do this. I have quite a few shirts that no longer fit me and this would be a great way to re-purpose them. No-sew cardigan tutorial.

Pattern for a car organizer--Clever! I really need to make one of these.

You could use this technique for so many different things!

From the Book Lady, "cheap, plastic, transparent pony beads in a 12" metal cake pan. It took quite a few, as I wanted the 'plate' to be thick enough to support the weight of a cake. Then, I baked the beads at 425 degrees for 30-40 minutes...until all the beads had completely melted. I let this cool in the pan for about 20 minutes, then popped it out of the pan (it came right out...really!) Next, I glued it onto a dollar store candle stick with E6000 glue."

Easy DIY swim wrap - can't wait to wear this at the beach!

BlanketStitch - I've been looking for a good tutorial for blanket stitch for like the last 3 weeks. This one's awesome.