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Showerhead Cleaner -1/3 cup baking soda -1 cup white vinegar -1 plastic bag -1 large bag twisty tie Let sit several hours or overnight.

To avoid clogging and bad odors, sink and tub drains should be periodically cleaned / myjournalkohn.blo...

One pinner said: "My husband owned his own A/C business for a long time....he said everything on here is the PROPER way to do it yourself, will make unit not work so hard and you save $ by not paying the A/C company!" Our electric bill rose to $430 two years ago and a simple A/C cleaning lowered it to $150. Totally re-pinning this.

Homemade Dishwasher Pellets...only 3-4 cents each! Less toxins then store bought.

SO GOOD TO KNOW! How to Clean Your Gross Plastic Containers 1. Fill almost to the top with water and a squirt of dish soap 2. Add 1/4 cup of bleach 3. Microwave the container for 40 seconds, or until the solution is boiling 4. Allow to rest until the water is luke-warm 5. Wash out your container and it is as good as new!

Jim Carson's blog » Cleaning between the door glass of a Frigidaire oven

How to clean and descale your Keurig! Quick AND easy!! Need to remember this

Getting rid of black gunk in drain: 1. Put pot of water to boil. 2. Pour baking soda down drain. Baking soda has ability to neutralize fatty acids, will eat away the grime while you're waiting for water to boil. 3. Pour boiling hot water down drain. 4. Let the water & baking soda work for 10 minutes. 5. Then pour 1 cup bleach down drain to kill any remaining mildew/bacteria.

Use Baking Soda as Crayon Eraser - Sprinkle it on a damp sponge to erase crayon, pencil, and ink from painted surfaces.

make your own cleaning wipes - genius!