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TicTac flashlight. Ugh I wish I taught 4th grade and could use this as a "hands on" lesson in electric currents!

GRYNX » TicTac flashlight

Pop Rocks, Exploding Soda, and Melted Crayons...Oh My! Are you ready for some matter fun?!? This until is packed with over 130 pages of resources a...

Ideas for States of Matter unit

the tattooed teacher: matter

Fun edible way to teach landforms!! SS1G3 The student will locate major topographical features of the earth’s surface. c. Identify and describe landforms (mountains, deserts, vall eys, plains, plateaus, and coasts)

solid liquid gas... love this idea, but some are miscategorized

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Learning Activities and Story Book about Soils for K-4 - resource for teachers! Also includes teacher implementation guide.

Learning Activities -

Animal Life Cycles. Aimed at 2nd graders but includes frogs and chicks.

All 100 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

To better understand how far from the sun each planet is we made a model.

Beakers and Bumblebees: Toilet Paper?

Warm and Cold Blooded Animals. Students had two draw pictures underneath the flap of how each of the animals they drew respond when in warm or cold weather. This foldable has so many possibilities!

Here's a nice post describing 5 different activities kids can do to learn about the moon.

Five Moon Activities for Kids

Here's another ice idea for a phases of the moon foldable.

The real size of the sun…

The real size of the sun…