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A random ball pit is set up in the middle of a cityAnd this is what happens as people approach it. You have to go watch the video. It’s the happiest thing ever. you will smile!

The best and most productive ways parents can use to teach their children to read.

Limiting video games and removing allergens from the diet are just two of the interesting items on this list from one of our bestselling authors.

15 Ways to Teach Better Organization to ADHD Kids How teachers and parents can help children with ADHD master better organization and time-management skills at school and at home.

Give each student a puzzle piece to decorate... keeping the edges intact so it can be re-assembled. Use for a lesson in acceptance... how each individual piece is beautiful on its own. But what a masterpiece you get when you put them all together! (great with an old wooden puzzle, even better then a cardboard version)

Do-It-Yourself Summer Camp - A list of daily morning activities/tasks for the kids during summer break to keep their bodies and brains active and their house clean. Kids get paid for doing the things on the list and at the end of the month those with enough money get to go somewhere fun with the money!

This site is AMAZING! This site has everything you could possibly want in classroom set up pictures. So inspiring!

No More Name Plates... I am thinking of so many things to use with this idea... names, sight words, etc.!!!

cats, science All the good periodic table jokes argon?

Adding to my door of science jokes

Cats and science. Hilarious jokes ensue.