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Drawer jam - Slide 20 of 20 - Photo gallery: 20 great housekeeping tricks

Wooden floors - Slide 9 of 20 - Photo gallery: 20 great housekeeping tricks

Cleaned out EOS containers perfect for traveling with jewelry...Such a great idea!

Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies. Simple #DIY

SO CLEVER: Take a swim noodle from the dollar store and duct tape it together! Wa la! 17" wreath - Now make it what you want it to be....very, very smart.

I LOVE Sharpies: How I organize my life with these pens | OrganizingMadeFun...

What to do with all your Christmas cards? Make them peoples contact photos for when they call you.

Metal Protector ... The same paste wax that maintains a car's finish does a dynamite job on painted metal furniture. Once a season, apply an even coat with a damp terry cloth towel to furnishings; let dry, then lightly buff with a soft cotton rag. The wax will repel water, preventing rust, and also restore luster to dull paint.

Decrease Clutter By Creating A Permanent Station For Transient Items

put a cork in candlestick holders, insert a paperclip into the cork and voila: instant photo / table number / place card holder

DIY Eye Make Up Remover: 1 cup water, 1 1/2 tablespoons Tear Free Baby Shampoo, 1/8 teaspoon Baby Oil. Directions: Add all ingredients into a small bowl and stir. Shake before every use. Cost: Less than $.50."

Wrap cord around unused appliances and velcro... WHY have I never thought of this?!?

simple air freshener-great idea for the bathroom