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This site has SO many ideas for artistic DIY drawing/painting projects!

tonal still-life-with-shapes-nancy-mueller.jpg 600×460 pixels

Still Life With Shapes by Nancy Mueller

Shaded Form Creatures

Picasa Web Albums - Wendy Free - Shaded Forms ...

Shaded Form Creatures - perfect for beginning contour drawings

Picasa Web Albums - Wendy Free - Shaded Forms ...

free line drawing worksheet - printable teacher resources from the Student Art Guide

Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students

6th gd curr.

CurkovicArtUnits / Gr6 Drawing Examples

Inspiration: Make your own fans with paper and sticks (Popsicle)

Crinkle Fans (10)

An entire year of units for 6th grade! CurkovicArtUnits / Grade 6 art units

CurkovicArtUnits / Grade 6 art units

Art with Mrs. Seitz: Around the Art Room

Art with Mrs. Seitz: An Eagle with Many Colors

Every element addressed: line, shape, color, texture, value, space. Principles addressed: pattern, emphasis, contrast (in color). Media used: Pencil (practice), oil pastel, pen/ink, watercolor, clay (model magic). Techniques: drawing, painting, sculpting, collage. Great lesson with links for sketchbook assignments for contour line drawing self-portrait practice.

Room 9: Art!: Model Magic Mania!

the work of Sandra p. Köche! This piece is entitled "Onça na mata"

Drawing Superheroes is a great way to keep 6th grade students interested in grid drawings. The graphic lines make the image simpler and give students a better chance for success.

lots of fresh lesson plans

Three ways to shade