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It makes me laugh

can't stop laughing!! haha

Moriarty's favorite flavor

This is hilarious! And the officer on the other side of the car laughing makes it!! :))

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"Don't we all want to build a death ray?"

I laughed so hard

Type 1 Diabetes - not what you think it is!

This made me laugh!

funny tumblr comments, i personally liked this commercial;)

Oh my freaking stars this is hilarious. If a guy approached me and gave me reasons like this, along these lines, I would probably have to date him. I think I would have to.

School memories.... I have officially had the most boring childhood ever. "I breastify"

Victim Gets Revenge On Rapist by Setting him on Fire... these are the comments from that news story.

We all worry too much about what other people think of our meatsuits

They do what they want! Hahaha that's hilarious!

i cannot stop laughing

Oh myyy. Too many idiots, not enough George Takei.