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Mother-Daughter Infinity Tattoo! Love this! Want this regardless if my mom gets it too.

small pistol this idea, but I would want them more on my hips. maybe with the quote "trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot twice."

Mother daughter tattoo!! Wanna get this w my mom!! ❤❤

Amazing 3D tattoo "A wound cannot heal, unless you leave it alone, I'll open mine daily leaving bones exposed"

definitely getting paw prints somewhere. never forget your best friend ♥

I like the Roman Numeral Tattoos for a special date.. Cute

Hilarious white ink tattoo

31 Small Flower Tattoo

I refuse to sink Tattoo design I want

done by Jason at Alchemy Tattoo in LA. It’s a quote from the spoken-work artist Andrea Gibson.

I read on tumblr that this woman got this tattoo days before she married her husband. It's his handwriting from something when they were dating. He didn't see the tattoo until they were at the altar, and she wrote that the look on his face would never leave her mind. I WANT TO DO THIS.

"Better together. Couple tattoo. We are so doing this!! This is the title of our wedding song :)" I really like this for the previous poster's connection to it. That's really great, actually.

The dandelion will ALWAYS bring me back to my favorite part of Beauty and the Beast.

I got this for my great-grandfather. He passed away in October and when he did, I got his car. This penny with a heart cut out of it was on the key-ring. I absolutely love this tattoo, just like I absolutelyyy loved him!

Irish Penny tattoo - and my dads hand writing :)

I've always wanted a small Tattoo with lots of meaning. I am considering getting this one made out of my kids fingerprint. Then a piece of them will always be with me :) love!!!!

I really want a penny tattoo behind my ear. For the fact that every time I lose a loved one, my family seems to find pennies everywhere we go. Secondly, this started after my great gpa passed, and he was always a joker and like to do magic trick type things so the placement behind the ear is perfect because of the famous magic trick of pulling a coin out from behind someone's ear.

My tattoo in memory of my brother. His signature

Use words instead of numbers for an in memory tattoo

this would be cool if it was the mom and dad's prints...with the child's name underneath amore thumb prints (his and her tattoo)