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Jodi Campbell
Jodi Campbell
Jodi Campbell

Jodi Campbell

pneumothorax assessment reveals decreased respiratory excursion on side affected; possible bulging of intercostals; tracheal deviation and/or mediastinum shift (tension - toward unaffected lung; others - toward affected lung); hyperresonance; decreased/absent breath sounds; abnormal ABGs, CXR, hypercapnia, hypoxemia

Hems for Her Trendy Plus Size Fashion for Women: Attitude Re-BOOT Big beautiful curvy, curves, accept your body sizes, love yourself no guilt, plus size, body conscientiousness. Fashion. Full figure

Full Figured & Fashionable: BOOT TOPPERS

Casual Cool is the perfect look for on-the-go, day-to-day errands. And those wide-calf boots are fabulous!

Plus Size | Old Navy

Bacterial versus viral sore throat: patient presentation

Rustic Chicken Slow Cooker Stew - 1 of 7 meals in 1 hour! A great crock pot freezer meal

Slow Cooker Meals – Beef Stroganoff. This has been one of our favorite meals from Pinterest!

Here is my version of slow cooker split pea soup with ham. This recipe uses a ham steak, not a ham hock. The soup turns out great

Anatomically correct heart locket - and it opens too, to show all the valves and chambers!

How often do I want to say this?! #nurse

Nursing Lab Values Cheat Sheet | normal lab values nursing chart

Troponin. Considered a cardiac "enzyme." Troponin is an integral part of the myocardium (and every other muscle), and after a myocardial infarction has occurred troponin is released because of damage to the muscle. Troponins I and T (specific to myocardium) are choice markers for detecting MIs and considered to be diagnostic. However, their levels remain elevated and make detection of a reinfarction difficult.

Heart Failure. I have 1000 papers with notes just like this! Excellent reference to remember when you see it in the real world

Ok so I just really wish I would have had this when I was learning mean, median, and mode.

Category: Nursing Mnemonics - CRiTiCAL MinDs

nursing school test taking strategy.. what is the question really asking?

Work outfit #womens fashion - I love the shoes and the bag! find more women fashion ideas on

Casual work outfit! find more women fashion ideas on