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2nd Second Infantry Division "Indian Head" U.S. Army

2nd Infantry Division " INDIAN HEAD " U.S. Army Pictures and stories of the soldiers, & history of those who have served in the U.S. Army's 2nd Infantry Division. For God & Country.

Nickname: Indian Head ....... Shoulder Patch: A red faced Indian Head on a white star, super-imposed on a black shield ....... Slogan: "Second to None." ....... Source of Division: Regular Army....... History: Organized: Bourmont, France, Aug., 1917. Actions: Chateau Thierry, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Blanc Mont and Soissons ....... Training: Airborne training, Ft. Sam Houston, Tex., Sept. to Nov., 1942; winter training Camp McCoy, Wis

This DVD about the 2nd Infantry Division takes place in World War II during the Fall of 1944, Europe. On August 16th, 1944 the 2nd Infantry Division, also known as "Indianhead", had just been squeezed out of the fighting to close the Falaise Gap, and was placed in reserve for the First U.S Army. However, in just a couple of days the 2nd Inf. Division would be a part of VIII Corps liberating the Brittany, Peninsula and forcing the capture of Brest.

This is a DVD of the 2nd Infantry Division, also known as 'Indianhead', one of the immediate follow-up American Infantry Divisions used in the invasion of France in early June of 1944. The division would land in the Omaha Beach sector, the bloodiest beach of the invasion, and quickly move to support the center of the V Corps bridgehead