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On homework, and doing it in a timely fashion.

Evolution of Robin Williams.

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absolutely ridiculous. and really really funny. hahaha Deer Jesus' flowing locks are killing me.

Deer Jesus... - The Meta Picture

Process, by Poorly Drawn Lines.

Poorly Drawn Lines – The Process

Officer Friendly — The Nib — Medium.

Officer Friendly
  • Mini Mouse

    Don';t ask me to care about an isolated shooting when they gun each other down by the dozens every weekend

Karl Rove and Plato, by Bizarro.

Karl Rove and Plato
  • Mini Mouse

    Such BS, anyone who thinks any politician from either party is on the side of the American people is a fool. Bashing one side over the other is plain stupid because they are all on the same side!

The New Yorker

this isn't happiness™ (The New Yorker), Peteski

Take a memo. (By C. Beyl, Sunday News, Lancaster, PA.)

  • Shiva Bear


  • Rob Rickman

    Oooh I got it, I got it! Let's push our belief system on businesses and stop them from using their beliefs to dictate their companies policy.

This is so my dad

Dad jokes... - The Meta Picture
  • Brenna Chuprathoom

    I told this joke to a bunch of 4 years old that is the same look I got.

  • M.J.

    Dad says that you and he need to have a chat - right now.

Vader’s Little Princess – Si Dark Vador était un bon père…

Vader’s Little Princess – Si Dark Vador était un bon père…