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Take a memo. (By C. Beyl, Sunday News, Lancaster, PA.)

  • Shiva Bear


  • Rob Rickman

    Oooh I got it, I got it! Let's push our belief system on businesses and stop them from using their beliefs to dictate their companies policy.

Anxiety Girl!

This is so my dad

Dad jokes... - The Meta Picture
  • Brenna Chuprathoom

    I told this joke to a bunch of 4 years old that is the same look I got.

  • M.J.

    Dad says that you and he need to have a chat - right now.

Vader’s Little Princess – Si Dark Vador était un bon père…

Vader’s Little Princess – Si Dark Vador était un bon père…

Silhouette Man wonders WTF is wrong with America. And unfortunately, he's right.

  • Lin Hdz

    Actually, no. Rewinding and watching the befores & afters are quite depressing. I think I'll pass. But thanks.

  • Alistair Higgins

    Btw... Scotland also has a free education system and is basically what the early usa system was based on the Scottish system... something obviously eventually went wrong lol

  • Lin Hdz

    Yup. It sure did. I believe it's called greed, and lack of consideration towards the people. It's just starting to lead towards tyranny to me.

  • Jan Joachim

    Our forefathers would be shooting by now

  • Lin Hdz

    True that.

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Sad but true.

  • Sally Lancaster

    The separation of church and state is a wholly misunderstood topic. It means the freedom to worship, pray, be religious, meet, etc. no matter who you are or where you are without the gov saying you can't. Now it's being used completely opposite its original intent.

  • Daniel Yorba

    It's not just about allowing people to worship whatever god they want, it's about not advocating for a specific one. You also have to account for not favoring religion over non-religion. If this is to be a truly inclusive and representational government, then the secular way is the only way.

  • Jaylen Duncan

    Its not gonna happen, it never will

  • Sayra Rabes

    What it has become is politicians using the church as an excuse to push their own beliefs onto the masses.

  • Jaylen Duncan

    Exactly. Its a political weapon for some people.

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Lady Life, by 4-Pane-Life. I understand this is a thing.

Does this happen to you?

Every single night…
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