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TINTIN. C'mon Spielberg, why was this not the 4th Indiana Jones movie? Lol.

This movie is so right on with it's portrayal of a not so distant future. Tons of parallels ripped from the headlines.

Chris Nolan has such a detailed style to his pictures. This one established quite a bit of his signature look and feel.

Cold War hysteria channeled brilliantly by Kubrick. Sellers and Scott are in top form.

The Return of the Pink Panther 1975. Laugh so hard it hurts every single time.

Who Is Keyser Soze? This one was a game changer.

A movie I've seen from beginning to end probably 7 or 8 times. But whenever it's on TV, I'll watch. And if it's anywhere near this scene, I get sucked in.

Everyone was busy talking up Saving Private Ryan, but this is a superior war film in almost every way. Malick movies are visually arresting and the sparse interwoven narratives here are hauntingly beautiful.

Hitchcock at his finest. So many movies have stolen a page or two from this one...