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19th Century Military Uniforms and Weapons

A collection of images related to partial and/or complete original and replica 19th Century military uniforms (including those of the American Civil War), head wear, uniform accessories (military decorations & medals) and weapons.

German Artillery Officers Lion Head Sword Hilt

Prussian Model 1889 Infantry Officers Degen Sword Hilt

  • Tiong Hum Soh

    Is this ceremonial? It doesn't seem to be practical to me. Only somebody with a very small hand would be able to hold it. The 'Lion's Head' hilt for artillery officers made more sense.

  • Danny L.

    Good question. Perhaps it was a ceremonial or dress sword/sabre, since it is so beautiful.

A cavalry helmet Germany second quarter of the 19th Century

Czerny's International Auction House Ltd. ::: Errore

Prussian Model 1905 Jager-Zu-Pferde Pickelhaube, Germany, c. 1905-1915, steel shell with pressed brass Prussian insignia, intact leather chin-strap, brass-trimmed visors and spike

Bavarian Model 1895 Enlisted Infantry Pickelhaube, Germany, c. 1895-1915.

Reserve Senior NCO Pickelhaube for a Preußen Line Infanterie-Regiment.

Reserve Senior NCO Pickelhaube for a Preußen Line Infanterie-Regt

Spiked Prussian helmet.

Prussian Dragoon Pickelhaube - ca. 1882

German Militaria – Picklehaub Helmet | German Stahlhelm Helmet

British Infantry Officer's Shako 1812-1816 The cylindrical body and false front retaining much original nap, original unbound front peak, correct pattern festoons and double bullions in gold metal and crimson silk lace. Original proofed linings and leather sweat band, the crown lining with trade label, "Tomlinson Hatter Back Of The Inns Norwich", the frontal plate in copper gilt of standard crowned rococo pattern and bearing the large "GR" cypher only.

The First Regiment of Foot Guards 1821



Early 19th C. U.S. Army Officer Fore and Aft Cap

Early 19th C. U.S. Army Officer Fore and Aft Cap

Hunting bodice worn by Empress Eugénie de Montijo, 1853-70, Musée de la Vénerie.

The Pelzmuetze ( "busby" ) of Kaiser Wilhelm II for his Leib Garde Hussar Regiment. This one-of-a-kind piece of Imperial German/Prussian headgear would have been worn by the Emperor ( "Kaiser" ) of the Second German Reich ( Wilhelm II ) whenever he visited his personal Hussar bodyguard regiment. The pillbox-shaped "busby" is covered in luxurious brown otter fur and has a red wool Kolpak (bag), appropriate for his Leib Garde Hussar Regiment.

An imperial German Prussian 15th Ulan Regiment Colonel's uniform with helmet, circa 1910. Dark blue wool Ulanka with yellow collar, cuffs and piping. Includes removable plastron front for full dress. Has silver flecked black cord shoulder straps with gold rank pips and unit number on a yellow field. Chapska of black leather with silver eagle plate and visor trim. Has brass chin scales and an officer's pattern national cockade.


Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1807.Gilt brass, master's button with a rope twist outer border and oval inner border. In the centre, on lined ground, is a large anchor flanked by two small ones. On the reverse is the inscription 'TREBLE GILT/STAND.COLOUR.' Reference to this pattern appears in the regulations of 1807: 'buttons worn by the masters to bear the arms of the Navy Office. Made 1807-12.

Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1807 - National Maritime Museum